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I have an existing New Relic account and an existing rails app on Heroku. I am successfully sending data from the Heroku app to New Relic. However I want to see the memory footprint per dyno in New Relic.

All the documentation I could find says to install the add-on via Heroku. I do not want it to provision a new account for me, I just want it to link to my current account. How can I do this? If I already have New Relic installed and working and I add the add-on, will it just link to the account it is already configured for?

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I work for New Relic. Unfortunately, what you are asking for is not possible. When you install the New Relic add-on for Heroku, it automatically generates a new account with a unique license key and account ID. One of the bonuses of this is that you get Standard subscription for free if you use the add-on.

If you have further account-related questions, however, you're welcome to write to New Relic support to see if you can work something out with your account manager.

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Hi lauradiane, do you have any update on this issue as of now ? –  Nathan Do Feb 18 '14 at 16:55
It's nearly a year later now and I am also wondering whether it's possible to hook an existing heroku app into an existing new relic account? –  Marklar Sep 5 '14 at 1:02
See @Trein answer –  pgorsira Feb 24 at 0:08
if you're still a NR employee, can you update this to say whether @Trein is correct, or whether this is still not possible with NR? –  Martin Peck May 20 at 8:32

There is actually a workaround for this issue now. You can simply change NEW_RELIC_LICENSE_KEY env var:

$ heroku config:set NEW_RELIC_LICENSE_KEY='<key_of_your_existing_account>'

You find <key_of_your_existing_account> under Account settings > Summary (right bar with title Account information).

After restarting your app, it will show up on your existing account.

You can even customize additional things like:

$ heroku config:set NEW_RELIC_APP_NAME='<nice_name>' NEW_RELIC_LICENSE_KEY='<key>'
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From my testing of Heroku provisioned New Relic accounts and direct ones is that the 'Instances' tab only appears when you are accessing via a Heroku provisioned New Relic - I'm imagine this is because it's a specific setting for the Heroku New Relic account that your application will be in.

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Yeah, that is my understanding as well. My question is basically: Is it possible to hook an existing heroku into an existing new relic in the same way? –  jeffsaracco Oct 16 '13 at 12:49

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