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Each of a 1000 values shall be searched in the inbox.

How would you go for that?

(...and all resulting conversations marked with a label.

the list of course is available in every way, Google spreadsheet, txt,...

i tried to simply tie all values together like 1|2|3|...|1000 to one search, but of course Google doesn’t allow such a long search-term...)


edit: as i know too little about gmail scripts yet, i tried to manually solved it (despite its a recurring task) and found that a search term can have about 1500 chars or 90 values before it results in errors. A "#" will break it and only search for the first half or so.

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You will have to do several searches, and make an algorithm that can process by chunks of search terms using timers (1 minute timers for example.). If a search returns many items it gets more complex as you will need to save the search somewhere like scriptdb and also process those by chunks.

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each search only has 0 to 50 results, for a script i guess it wouldnt be too much to searchh term one by one in a loop and just wait a second between each if there is a limit? –  iloveregex Oct 16 '13 at 13:27
Yea for small result sets will work –  Zig Mandel Oct 16 '13 at 13:52

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