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I wrote a kernel. Here is my kernel start up file:

    .globl start
jmp main

 .set ALIGN,    1<<0
.set MEMINFO,  1<<1
.set MAGIC,    0x1BADB002

.section multiboot
.align 4
.long MAGIC
.long FLAGS 
call kernel_main

Here is my first C file:

void print(char *message, int line,int ch){
     char *vm=(char *)0xb8000;
     int i=(line*80*2);
     if (*message=='\n'){line++;
     else {vm[i]=*message;
     i++;} *message++;}}

Based on that I wrote a second C file:

#include "ESfunctions.c" //this is the previous C file 
print("Hi!\nHow do you like my OS?",0,0);}

Edit: Here is my linker script:

  .text  0x100000 : {
    code = .; _code = .; __code = .;
    . = ALIGN(4096);
  .data  : {
    data = .; _data = .; __data = .;
    . = ALIGN(4096);
  .bss  :
    bss = .; _bss = .; __bss = .;
    . = ALIGN(4096);
  end = .; _end = .; __end = .;

Edit: I am not using a cross-compiler. I am using gcc on Ubuntu.

I compiled the C code and assembled the assembly code and linked them together. Then I turned it into a bootable image and together with grub I burned it all onto a disc. After grub started I entered the command "kernel KERNEL.BIN" (KERNEL.BIN is my kernel) and grub said "Error 13: Invalid or unsupported executable format. What is wrong? Can anybody help me?

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Checked the grub code and the error string is ERR_EXEC_FORMAT. There are a couple of reasons to return that error so you will need to read the grub source code and check your boot image to locate the exact issue. – tristan Oct 16 '13 at 0:46
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Without knowing your linker script or Makefile (please attach them) we can only guess at what might be wrong.

Please check the following:

  • You are using a cross-compiler that compiles machine code for the correct target, leaves out system-specific library files, and uses the right binary format (I would recommend ELF).
  • The GRUB magic number is within the first 8KiB of the kernel. Make sure the linker script puts the multiboot header section first, before any other code.

I would have made this a comment rather than an answer, but I don't have enough reputation yet.

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