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I'm trying to run on the device. I have just downloaded my certificate from the developers member center. I've added it to my key chain. I've tried many possible certificate names through the toolkit UI. I've tried pointing the toolkit at the .cert file and trying many different cert names. It when viewing the debug output it dosen't look like trigger even passes a cert path parameter to code sign. What am I missing?

[DEBUG] Provisioning profile has valid wildcard application ID
[INFO] Plist OK
[INFO] 1 Provisioned Device(s):
[INFO] ['96fdb503d1deade5d1455288331543c3134577ef']
[DEBUG] Running: '/usr/bin/codesign' '--force' '--preserve-metadata' '--entitlements' '/var/folders/w1/3zw7h2xs0jbdw5_2f96q0v700000gn/T/tmp2AO4Hq' '--sign' 'Kev Zettler' '--resource-rules=/Users/kevzettler/checkiday-mobile/development/ios/device-ios.app/ResourceRules.plist' '/Users/kevzettler/checkiday-mobile/development/ios/device-ios.app'
[DEBUG] Kev Zettler: no identity found
[ERROR] Failed when running /usr/bin/codesign: Kev Zettler: no identity found
[DEBUG] Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/Users/kevzettler/Library/Trigger Toolkit/build-tools/forge/async.py", line 106, in run
    result = self._target(*self._args, **self._kwargs)
  File "/Users/kevzettler/Library/Trigger Toolkit/trigger/api/app.py", line 312, in run
    forge_main.run(['--general.interactive', 'no'])
  File "/Users/kevzettler/Library/Trigger Toolkit/build-tools/forge/main.py", line 435, in run
  File "/Users/kevzettler/checkiday-mobile/.template/generate_dynamic/customer_goals.py", line 136, in run_app
  File "/Users/kevzettler/checkiday-mobile/.template/generate_dynamic/build.py", line 334, in run
    self._call_with_params(task_method, task_args)
  File "/Users/kevzettler/checkiday-mobile/.template/generate_dynamic/build.py", line 293, in _call_with_params
    return method(self, *params)
  File "/Users/kevzettler/checkiday-mobile/.template/generate_dynamic/ios_tasks.py", line 686, in run_ios
  File "/Users/kevzettler/checkiday-mobile/.template/generate_dynamic/ios_tasks.py", line 578, in run_idevice
  File "/Users/kevzettler/checkiday-mobile/.template/generate_dynamic/ios_tasks.py", line 354, in _sign_app
  File "/Users/kevzettler/checkiday-mobile/.template/generate_dynamic/module_dynamic/utils.py", line 346, in run_shell
ShellError: Failed when running /usr/bin/codesign: Kev Zettler: no identity found


    "general": {},
    "ios": {
        "profiles": {
            "DEFAULT": {
                "provisioning_profile": "/Users/kevzettler/Desktop/iOS_Team_Provisioning_Profile.mobileprovision",
                "developer_certificate": "Kev Zettler"
        "simulatorsdk": "7.0",
        "simulatorfamily": "iphone",
        "device": "device"
    "android": {
        "profiles": {
            "DEFAULT": {}

Screenshots of certs http://imgur.com/a/xjNBz#0

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The input area in the Trigger Toolkit titled Certificate should only contain the certificate name, not a path. Right now your certificate name is set to iPhone Developer. Make sure this reflects the certificate name in the member center. Also make sure that you are using the appropriate type of certificate - development vs. distribution.

The input area in the Trigger Toolkit titled Provisioning Profile should contain a path - one that points to your provisioning profile which should also be of the appropriate type as above.

Additionally, I would make sure your local_config.json reflects the proper path in addition to the toolkit UI.

If this doesn't work, including your local._config.json might shed some light on the issue.

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I added my local_config.json and some screenshots of my cert on the members center and locally from my keychain –  kevzettler Oct 17 '13 at 0:41
Have you tried configuring everything with a distribution certificate and matching provisioning profile. I'm not sure what else to suggest, you seem to be doing everything properly. –  Horak Oct 17 '13 at 17:17
I think the screenshot link should read 'screencloud.net/…' rather than 'screenbutt.net…' –  Ryan Gonzalez Feb 22 '14 at 15:26
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I manually regenerated my certificate and provisioning profile on the apple member site and did everything again and it worked.

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