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I'm tying to replace tokens in the header of docx file.I have handled the token replacement in paragraphs and tables but its not picking the header data. Im using apache poi 3.8 and coding in java using eclipse ID. Thanx

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2 Answers

You can leverage "content controls" in MS Word. Then you can access the content controls using the openxml library. Content controls act as placeholders/input sections in Word documents. I'm not a Java guy, but just letting you know this is another method

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Im using xml Library, since after posting my question I experimented some more and able to get header data but its only giving second page header data which line is in the centre. Im using the following code: –  NKB Oct 16 '13 at 4:00
XWPFHeaderFooterPolicy headerFooterPolicy = document.getHeaderFooterPolicy(); XWPFHeader defaultHeader = headerFooterPolicy.getDefaultHeader(); System.out.println("Header value is : " + defaultHeader.getText()); List<XWPFParagraph> paraList = null; List<XWPFRun> runList = null; XWPFRun run = null; Iterator<XWPFRun> runIter = null; Iterator<XWPFParagraph> paraIter = null; XWPFParagraph para = null; paraList = defaultHeader.getListParagraph(); paraIter = paraList.iterator(); –  NKB Oct 16 '13 at 4:02
It looks like you are only getting the default header. Are you sure each page is using the default header? –  Dennis Flagg Oct 16 '13 at 4:07
No, its also returning data which i put in the header at that place.If I Implement XWPFHeader defaultHeader =document.getHeaderList().get(1); It gives me only first page data. –  NKB Oct 16 '13 at 4:16
It's handled in paragraph. I didn't notice that in my user given template there was a table in the header. Code isn't replacing the table values but its replacing otherwise. and secondly the page header has label like First header and header.So im handling it using two different functions. Thank you Dennis –  NKB Oct 16 '13 at 5:57
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I don't know if you have got the solution for this question. But, I've tried to replace tokens in document header and it worked for me.

public XWPFDocument setHeader(XWPFDocument document, String token, String textToReplace){
    XWPFHeaderFooterPolicy policy= document.getHeaderFooterPolicy();
    XWPFHeader header = policy.getHeader(0);
    replaceInParagraphs(header.getParagraphs(), token, textToReplace);
    return document;

private void replaceInParagraphs(List<XWPFParagraph> paragraphs, String placeHolder, String replaceText){
    for (XWPFParagraph xwpfParagraph : paragraphs) {
        List<XWPFRun> runs = xwpfParagraph.getRuns();
        for (XWPFRun run : runs) {
            String runText = run.getText(run.getTextPosition());

            if(placeHolder !="" && !placeHolder.isEmpty()){
                if(runText != null &&
                        Pattern.compile(placeHolder, Pattern.CASE_INSENSITIVE).matcher(runText).find()){
                    runText = replaceText;
            run.setText(runText, 0);

Hope this helps. :)

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