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I want to make a custom pop-up menu that has light text on a dark background. I am aware of the setView: method of NSMenuItem, which I could use to make each item draw with light text on a dark background. However, NSMenu draws 4 pixel high strips at the top and bottom of the menu in a light color, which pretty much ruins the look. Since NSMenu doesn't have any public drawing methods I could override, I can't see how to get rid of those strips.

I see that the NSMenu header has private instance variables named noTopPadding and noBottomPadding. So tantalizing!

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I found a solution using an undeclared method (not ideal, obviously). First declare it as follows:

@interface NSMenu (secret)
- (void) _setHasPadding: (BOOL) pad onEdge: (int) whatEdge;

Then, sometime before showing the menu, do:

if ([menu respondsToSelector: @selector(_setHasPadding:onEdge:)])
    [menu _setHasPadding: NO onEdge: 1];
    [menu _setHasPadding: NO onEdge: 3];

My testing shows that this doesn't work on Snow Leopard, but does work on Lion, Mountain Lion, and Mavericks.

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You can use this in Swift too, if you declare the (secret) interface in an Objective-C header you include in your bridging header –  Dov Nov 4 '14 at 17:51

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