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I have installed WebStorm 7 for Windows successfully, and have been playing with Angularjs projects. I wanted to install the AngularJS plugin. I opened File/Settings/Plugins, and the AngularJS plugin was not listed, so I pressed Browse Repositories, found it, and installed it. It then showed up in my list, highlighted in green. When I hit OK WebStorm asks if I want to restart to integrate the plugin, and I do. But when I open WebStorm again, the plugin is no longer listed. I tried once more, same result. Any idea what incantation I need to do? ;) Thanks

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Please refer to the installing plugins document.

There could be some issue with installing the plugin, check idea.log for possible errors.

As a workaround you can download plugin zip manually and unpack it into the plugins directory.

I've verified that on my system this plugin appears in the list of installed plugins after IDE restart.

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