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I have created a client with Flex Builder which works in a browser but also in an Air windowed application. I must connect it to a server and it has to do asynchronous request related to changing data of the server. Because of the too much expensive cost of LiveCycleDS license, I was looking for other ways, maybe open source and i found the following solutions:

  • Adobe BlazeDS
  • Granite Data Services
  • WebORB Community Edition

I want to ask you which is the easy way to create the solution described above, expecially i want to use J2EE application server type. Thanks

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There are many ways to connect to a server (XML, SOAP, AMF, etc). I'd recommend AMF through one of the products you mentioned. Give each of them a try and see which one works best for you. Also you can see some code samples in Tour de Flex. And you can watch a screencast I did that walks through how to use BlazeDS.

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