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We are using doxygen to generate the documentation for our code.

This is the first time i have used any documentation tool.

I have seen that on the documentation page i can only see the documentation on function level.

IS there any way to include all those comments which are inside that function, which are single line for loops , switches etc

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Doxygen appends all doxygen valid comments to the detailed description, e.g.

 * @brief   A brief description of func.
 * @details More detailed description of func.
void func(void)
    /** This comment will be appended to the end of the function documentation */

This way important comments inside the code can be added to the documentation by starting a valid doxygen comment (e.g. /** , /*! or ///).

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Other than a "view source" option that shows you the original source code, I'm not aware of any doc generator program that takes inline code comments (non-docblocks) and makes them visible in doc pages. Typically, such comments only have context with regard to the few lines of code right below them, rather than having context at the class/method/function level. Code docs tends to focus only on the latter.

If you feel the comments are important to the doc reader to understand things about using the method/function, then you'll want to include such content in the function docblock's long description. There have been times when I've documented a particularly complicated class, where I chose to put lengthy, detailed descriptions of "how to do X, Y, Z with this class" and "why to do X, Y, Z" in the class's docblock. This made the docblock large, sure, but the important thing is for the reader to understand the info necessary to use the class (s)he's reading about. This rationale is what tends to guide me on whether or not in-the-function inline comments are important enough to include in the function/class docblocks.

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