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Inside my route for "appointments" below I can reach up and get the model for the parent "day"

App.Router.map(function(match) {                                          
    this.resource("day", { path: "/day/:day" }, function() {              
        this.resource("appointments", { path: "/appointments" }, function() {
            this.route("new", { path: "/:appointment_start/new" });
            this.route("edit", { path: "/:appointment_id/edit" });        

But when I'm deep inside the new or edit routes, how can I reach up (from within the actions handler) and grab the parent "day" model like I did in the route?

App.AppointmentsEditController = Ember.Controller.extend({                
    actions: {
        updateAppointment: function(appointment) {
            var day = this.get('??');


The final controller code now looks like this

App.AppointmentsEditController = Ember.Controller.extend({       
    needs: 'day',         
    actions: {
        updateAppointment: function(appointment) {
            var day = this.get('controllers.day');
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Toran - sorry to add this as an extra answer, I can't comment yet - yes, it should work for free. You can access controllers.post from within the actions block like this:

var postController = this.get('controllers.post')
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thank you! this worked as you suggested (I just needed to add the needs day line to get it 100%) –  Toran Billups Oct 16 '13 at 23:09
Hello, I am trying to do this, but instead trying to get the parent Appointment rather than the day within the AppointmentEdit controller. I tried using this.get('controllers.appointments') but I get an array of appointments rather than the specific one I'm editing. Could you advise as to how to get appointment being edited? I can get array of all appointments within the controller using the above method. I can get the params.appointment_id within the route. But I can't figure out how to get the appointment itself within either. –  Ruben Martinez Jr. Jun 1 at 3:28
*Fixed above by saving array to a controller property, then grabbing that property from the route and going to the specific param.appointment_id index. Seems overly complicated...Maybe there's a better way? –  Ruben Martinez Jr. Jun 1 at 7:24

There is simple way to do it. In AppointmentsEditController add

needs: "day"

Then you can access to day controller via this.get('controllers.day').

I always use something like this:

App.CommentsControler = Ember.Controller.extend({
    needs: "post",
    postBinding: "controllers.post",
    postName: function() {
        return this.post.name;

Take a look of this article http://emberjs.com/guides/controllers/dependencies-between-controllers/

I hope this help :)

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In order to use the day controller within the comments controller, you have to use this.get('controllers.day'); instead of this.controllers.day, as otherwise it will not recognize what what controllers is. –  Ruben Martinez Jr. Jun 1 at 5:10
You're right, this is a proper way of doing it. –  Artur Małecki Jun 16 at 22:18

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