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In blogs i have read that JSF 2.0 is inlcuding Facelets. So i only included JSF-api.jar and JSF-impl.jar to my Java build path.

But if i try to use Facelet tags, they don't work. Do i need to configure Facelets anywhere or must i include any further libraries?


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It should works fine. More information and working example you can find in IBM developer works article and following articles in this series.

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How to configure/use Facelets is outlined the Java EE 6 tutorial: Developing a Simple Facelets Application (also check the subsequent pages). You're likely forgotten to declare the ui taglib.

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+1 The Java EE 6 tutorial actually makes this stuff quite clear. (Unlike e.g. some documentation under – Jonik Apr 27 '10 at 17:49

Did you specify tag libraries in the html tag? Like:

<html xmlns:ui="" 
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