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The project I am working on is all written in Tornado, but I have included a bit of Twisted to deal with asynchronous XML-RPC. I was wondering if you can use Tornado's gen.engine and yield gen.Task with Twisted's code. Is this possible? If so how would the syntax look like? Thanks in advance.

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Sure - but it's called inlineCallbacks in Twisted:

from twisted.internet.defer import inlineCallbacks

def foo():
    x = yield bar()
    print x
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You can use gen.Task with anything that takes a callback keyword argument. However, Twisted-style code usually returns a Deferred instead of taking a callback as input. You'll need to wrap the Deferred in something tornado.gen can understand (probably a Future). Something like this (untested):

def wrap_deferred(deferred):
    # Could also use concurrent.futures.Future from the standard library,
    # but Tornado's version gives better tracebacks on python 2.
    future = tornado.concurrent.TracebackFuture()
    deferred.addCallbacks(future.set_result, future.set_exception)
    return future

def my_coroutine(self):
    # Use wrap_deferred instead of gen.Task
    x = yield wrap_deferred(some_twisted_function())
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