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I have an iPhone app and I want to get a list of co-ords that are clickable by a user. I want to automate testing and have a client app click around on screen but just choosing random coords isn't ideal so a list of coords that are definitely clickable would be much better.

So far I have this the view passed in is top level window:

getSubViewsCoords:(UIView *)view {

iAppDelegate* appDelegate = [[UIApplication sharedApplication] delegate];

for (UIView *tempView in [view subviews]) {

	// check if view responds to touch i.e. is an interactive view.

	// go up through responder chain
	// check if it reacts
	// if it does then add to the gorilla's list

	UIView *responderObj = tempView;

	while (responderObj = [responderObj nextResponder]) {

		if([responderObj respondsToSelector:@selector(touchesBegan:withEvent:)]){

			// get xy etc and add to instance var
			//then recall this function

			// convert to top level windows co-ordinate system.
			CGRect viewRect = [tempView convertRect:[tempView bounds] toView:nil];

			clickableAreas = [clickableAreas stringByAppendingString: NSStringFromCGRect(viewRect)];
			clickableAreas = [clickableAreas stringByAppendingString: @"\n"];




	[self getSubViewsCoords:tempView];

Is this the correct way to go about it? Is there an easier way to get this information?

Thanks in advance for your help.

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If you haven't already read it, you'll probably find this article helpful, Automated user interface testing on the iPhone.

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