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I have a form with username password fields that stores the username and passwords in node.js How do I keep track of how many times an individual user is logged in. I want to output the number of sessions for a user beside each username in the list of logged in users


var loggedInUsers = {};
var LoggedIn = 'TheUserIsLoggedIn';
function index(req, res) {
    if (req.session.username) {
    } else {
    res.render('index', { title: 'COMP 2406 Session Demo', 
                  error: req.query.error });
function users(req, res) {
    if (req.session.username) {
    res.render("account.jade", {username:req.session.username,
                    loggedInUsers: loggedInUsers});
    } else {
    res.redirect("/?error=Not Logged In");
function login(req, res) {
    var username = req.body.username;
    req.session.username = username;
    loggedInUsers[username] = LoggedIn;
function logout(req, res) {
    delete loggedInUsers[req.session.username];
            console.log("Error: %s", err);
exports.index = index;
exports.users = users;
exports.login = login;
exports.logout = logout;
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Without any persistence layer, I would recommend:

if( loggedInUsers[username] ) {    
    loggedInUsers[username].sessions.push( req.session );
else {
    loggedInUsers[username] = {
        timesLoggedIn : 0,
        sessions : []

instead of:

loggedInUsers[username] = LoggedIn;
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I am getting an error in my jade code extends layout block content h1 #{username}'s Account p Welcome #{username} form(action="/logout", method="post") button(type="submit") Logout h2 Users logged in ul each val, user in loggedInUsers user.timesLoggedIn li= user – user2885431 Oct 16 '13 at 17:04

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