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I managed to compile Poco C++ 1.3.6 library for iPhone by the following commands:

./configure --config=iPhone --no-tests --omit=Data,Cryptor,NetSSL_OpenSSL


Then I created a new view-based Application for iPhone and add Header search paths and changed my .m file to .mm. And then I added the newly compiled .a files into my Xcode project. When I hit "Build & Go", I encountered a few linkage errors such as:

Poco::Zip::ZipArchieve .... Symbol(s) not found

By using the same way I successfully compiled and linked my testing static library libtest.a. But I failed to link Poco C++ libraries. I don't know whether it's a bug or I missed something.

Can anybody help?


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Define POCO_STATIC in your project. Apparently, unless POCO_STATIC is defined, Poco headers attempt to use the dynamic libraries.

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