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I need a look-up-table in my program describing the size of different types. Right now I got it like:

typedef struct{
     APP_InterfaceType_t Type;  //This is just an enum
     uint8_t Size;

APP_InterfacesLUT_t MyLUT[] = {...}

Now problem is, I want to insert the content of the LUT from different .h files (I have my reasons) and it has to be done in the pre-processor.

I got the different types in separate .h files, and when I include one of these .h files in my build, the type (described in the .h file) and size should magically appear in the LUT.

So I am wondering if this is possible by calling some kind of Macro inside the .h files?

for example:

REGISTERTYPE(type, size); 

EDIT: The module where the LUT is defined doesn't know anything about the types. The idea is that when I want to add a new type to the program, I only have to include a header-file and not edit anything in the rest of the program :)

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You could do conditional compilation if your LUT module knows about other modules. There are many approaches to this (like X-macros as unwind pointed out), but here's something traditional:

APP_InterfacesLUT_t MyLUT[] = {
#ifdef MODULE_A
    { TYPE_1, 12 },
    { TYPE_2, 45 },
#ifdef MODULE_B
    { TYPE_2, 22 },
    { TYPE_3, 77 },

If your LUT module doesn't know about other modules, then there's no way around it and you must do this at runtime.


X-macro solution.


APP_InterfacesLUT_t MyLUT[] = {
    #define X(a, b, c)   { a, b },
    #include "interfaces.x"
    #undef X


// Molude A
X( TYPE_1, 12, something else )
X( TYPE_2, 45, something else )
// Molude B
X( TYPE_2, 22, something else )
X( TYPE_3, 77, something else )
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Thank you for your answers. Problem is the LUT module does not know about the interfaces so the Type and Size has to come from the type-header file it self. It has to be generic so when I want to make a new type I wont have to edit anything else then the .h file describing the new type. – Jolle Oct 16 '13 at 9:56
@Jolle Then I think closest you can get are the X-macros. But even then you need to have one extra file which has list of all types available for program. – user694733 Oct 16 '13 at 10:03
Ok, thanks. Then i'll consider to make a little pre-processor script myself, to generate that file. – Jolle Oct 16 '13 at 10:07
@Jolle See my edit. – user694733 Oct 16 '13 at 10:09
nice, thanks. I'll use that, and then consider a script for generating the .x file some time in the future. – Jolle Oct 16 '13 at 10:15

Yes, that's possible, but it will probably require you to use some multiple-inclusion and/or ifdef trickery.

See also X macros, but it becomes more complicated when you need to generalize it to work across multiple headers.

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