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I am embedding Python3 interpreter into Cocoa app. My app needs multiple separated Python execution contexts, so I need to spawn multiple interpreters.

Python3 manual offers at least two ways to spawn execution context.

  • PyInterpreterState_New
  • Py_NewInterpreter

What are them and which should I use to create completely separated python context? (like a system process)

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Newbie to embedding Python, but looking at the docs, it seems that Py_NewInterpreter is the way to go. PyInterpreterState_New simply creates a new interpreter state object, while Py_NewInterpreter creates a new sub-interpreter. A sub-interpreter mostly behaves the same as a seperate process, except with some caveats.

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Yes, and internally Py_NewInterpreter calls PyInterpreterState_New as the first item before continuing to associate a new PyThreadState with the new interpreter and set up the initial interpreter modules. – Austin Phillips Oct 16 '13 at 22:36

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