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I am using django-autocomplete-light with django-taggit. The integration is very easy if you follow the documentation:

import autocomplete_light
from taggit.models import Tag


class NewActivityForm(forms.ModelForm):
    tags = TagField(widget=TagWidget('TagAutocomplete'))

This renders a nice inline-style widget where you type and you see the autocomplete list below - everything is fine.

However, my tags are color-coded, so I need to customize two things:

a) First, in the autocomplete list, I need to customize the css class of each tag. I get some control over the template, but it seems there are css selectors looking for [data-value] that override my classes. The code for autocomplete_template_html is:

    {% for choice in choices %}
        <span class="tag tag--{{choice.pk}}" data-value="{{choice.pk}}" >{{choice}}</span>
    {% endfor %}

b) Second, once a tag is selected and added to my input, I need to maintain that css class there so I get a custom look. When I see the generated DOM elements, I see that there are some hidden spans in there that I could perhaps use, but it's not clear how to do.

How can I do this? Should I write my own widget or is there something I can subclass?

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A) Can't override CSS class

It looks like a CSS Specificity problem.

I just tried this and it works if it is set after loading autocomplete_light/style.css (or `autocomplete_light/static.html' template):

    .yourlabs-autocomplete .choice, .yourlabs-autocomplete [data-value], .yourlabs-autocomplete em
        color: red;

Else, you could just override autocomplete_light/static/autocomplete_light/style.css.

B) Style must be the same when a choice is selected

When a choice is selected, it's HTML is copied to the deck, only span.remove is added. The style should remain.

It would help a lot if posted your CSS though !

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So - I would like to add some extra HTML to my selected element in the deck in part B. A select box for example, associated with the autocomplete selection. I want the value of this select box to be posted when I submit the form. How best to accomplish that? –  g33kz0r Oct 11 '14 at 7:04

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