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I'm using liferay 6.1.1. I've tried two ways to build a simple liferay portlet project. I found the liferay maven archetype and selected the right version to create it. However, it shows error in pom.xml because of jars missing (liferay's jars), but my maven is fine. I downloaded the liferay maven package and did "ant install".

I'm using myeclipse to import it and it shows the error.

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Provide us error message or/and pom.xml sample. –  guli Jan 30 at 11:09
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2 Answers

Is your Maven able to communicate with the central repository? Post the error message that you are seeing on pom.xml to help you better.

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In your pom.xml you must add the properties of your liferay enviroment. You must write like this before build tag:


Obviously you must put your paths in the properties ;) If you have any other problem ask me.

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