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I would like to use anti virus integration with my .net application when uploading files using the application. Has any anti virus API available for .Net?

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I don't want to resurrect an old question, but I was in need of a solution that the question was asking about. I evaluated a lot of things and came to the conclusion that there was really not one good .NET library for this. So I made my own.

The library is called nClam, and it connects to a ClamAV server. It is open-source (Apache License 2.0) library which has a very simple API. You can obtain it here: https://github.com/tekmaven/nClam. There is also a nuget package: nClam.

I hope someone who stumbles on this question in the future benefits from my library!

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Why not install the antivirus software on the receiving server? That way you could keep the definitions updated, which may not happen on the uploading client app.

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I use ClamWin on my Desktop, and it's built on the open-source Clam AntiVirus libraries: http://www.clamav.net/download/third-party-tools/3rdparty-library/

It looks like they have a couple of differing bindings for .NET:



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Symantec offers Scan Engine as a way to integrate anti-virus into your .Net application. If this is for non-commercial (in house) software, and your company already uses Symantec, then this might be a good option for you as well. I can't speak for ClamAV or nClam as I have never personally used them.

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