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I am running SLC5 (RedHat 4 Linux). The distributed Python version is 2.4. I have installed Python 2.7 in addition manually (altinstall).

Running in terminal mode (Runlevel 3), the key mapping in bash and the Python 2.4 interpreter are correct (backspace, key arrows, etc. are working fine). When running the Python 2.7 interpreter, the key mappings are wrong (Backspace = ^? instead of ^H; Ctrl-H is working fine)

When running under gnome (Runlevel 5) in the gnome-terminal, the mapping is correct for Python 2.7.

Any idea what I need to set/configure that the key mapping is correct for Python 2.7 in the terminal mode (RL3) ?

Thanks very much !


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Hunch: no readline support compiled. Have you got libreadline-dev or equivalent installed? –  Martijn Pieters Oct 16 '13 at 10:41

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