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i'm using moment.js with timezones for date manipulation in a webapp. i'm storing all the dates in UTC and return them to UI as UTC. I'm having the timezone of the user. i want to convert the UTC time to the local Users time zone.

var timezone = "America/New_York";
var utcDate = "2013-10-16T10:31:59.0537721Z";

var localDate = moment(utcDate).utc().tz(timezone).format()

When i try to do this i'm getting wrong time. not sure how to get this working with moment

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You can try:


But it shouldn't matter. They should both produce: "2013-10-16T06:31:59-04:00".

It works for me, running on Chrome 30, so it's probably browser related.

If you're running Moment.js 2.3.1 or earlier on IE8, then it's a side effect of issue #1175, which was fixed in 2.4.0. Updating to the latest version should solve the problem.

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for anyone having the same problem:

your date iso format should contain the timezone. here is the format allowed by momentjs:


notice the +00:00 mean it is UTC



will terturn

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Use the + operator to get unix time, then:


How it works:

  • moment.utc(String) parses the string and returns a moment object set to UTC timezone.
  • + returns the unix offset in milliseconds for the moment obejct
  • moment(Number) creates a new moment object in the user's local time zone, using the passed in unix offset.
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