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I had tried to create relationships with java directly writing query like..

ExecutionResult result = engine.execute( " START n=node:node_auto_index(house_No={house})," +
             " n2=node:node_auto_index(houseNo={house}) " +
             " WHERE" +
             " HAS(n.house_No) AND HAS(n2.houseNo) " +
             " AND n.house_No = n2.houseNo " +
             " CREATE UNIQUE (n2)-[:LIVESIN]->(n) return n2",MapUtil.map("house",houseNode.getProperty("house_No")));


but in the Dashboard its showing relationships as created and not showing on the console

iam using java 1.7 and Neo4j 2.0.0 can any one help me,,

i have seen the examples we had used createRelationshipTo() to create relationship but for bulk amount how to create.

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Sorry I had resolved it..problem with the transaction.. –  sakar Oct 16 '13 at 14:28
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