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I would like to have something like:

$('#myDiv').bind('class "submission ok" added'){
    alert('class "submission ok" has been added');
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There is no event raised when a class changes. The alternative is to manually raise an event when you programatically change the class:

$someElement.on('event', function() {

// in another js file, far, far away
$('#myDiv').on('classChange', function() {
     // do stuff
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thanks!! it helped to me :) – Daniel Garcia Sanchez Sep 11 at 15:26

You could replace the original jQuery addClass and removeClass functions with your own that would call the original functions and then trigger your custom event. (Using a self-invoking anonymous function to contain the original function reference)

(function( func ) {
    $.fn.addClass = function() { // replace the existing function on $.fn
        func.apply( this, arguments ); // invoke the original function
        this.trigger('classChanged'); // trigger the custom event
        return this; // retain jQuery chainability
})($.fn.addClass); // pass the original function as an argument

(function( func ) {
    $.fn.removeClass = function() {
        func.apply( this, arguments );
        return this;

Then the rest of your code would be as simple as you'd expect.

$(selector).on('classChanged', function(){ /*...*/ });
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This works fine, but in the "rest of the code" the event handler should be delegated to the target selector to allow binding to new elements: $(parent_selector).on('classChanged', target_selector, function(){ /*...*/ });. Took me a while to see why my dynamically created elements didn't fire the handler. See – Timm Oct 24 at 9:42

Use trigger to fire your own event. When ever you change class add trigger with name

JS Fiddle DEMO

$("#main").on('click', function () {

$('#chld').on('cssFontSet', function () {

    alert("Red bg set ");

Learn jQuery: Simple and easy jQuery tutorials blog

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you can use something like this:



$(otherSelector).bind('ClassChanged', data, function(){//stuff });

but otherwise, no, there's no predefined function to fire an event when a class changes.

Read more about triggers here

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The handler of the event must be the same item that trigger the event. $(this).addClass('someClass'); $(Selector).trigger('ClassChanged') //It must be the same Selector $(Selector).bind('ClassChanged', data, function(){//stuff }); – Meko Perez Estevez Oct 16 '13 at 11:06
Seems you have copied from here , if yes then good if you provide link too… – Satinder singh Oct 16 '13 at 11:14

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