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On linux RedHat machine in /home/user/Downloads/ I do mkdir proj, cd proj, mkdir lib. Now I want to have my java program residing in the proj package, so I have:

package proj;
import static proj.lib.Mathem.*;
public class MyJavaApp {
    public static void main(String[] args) {
            time = 2013;

and my library residing in a proj.lib subpackage, so I have:

package proj.lib;
public final class Mathem {
        public static long time;
        private Mathem() {}

if I cd lib/ and do javac *.java then Mathem.java compiles fine into Mathem.class but when I go back cd .. and do javac *.java I get an error saying that package proj.lib does not exist.

Could you please help to understand why java compiler does not see such simple package structure ?

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It sounds like you are in the proj directory when it fails. You need to be in the directory above that, i.e., in /home/user/Downloads in your example. Then enter "javac proj/MyJavaApp.java"

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There is something called Classpath... I suggest you read up on it

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Try adding a public static long getTime() method in Mathem.

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