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I need an immediate solution this.

I am looking for a solution for my Business Service explained below :

My site have three type of Subscription.

Plan-A Amount-$200 Duration-30Days Plan-B Amount-$300 Duration-30Days Plan-C Amount-$400 Duration-30Days

User subscribed the Plan-A on Date-16th Oct 2013. I have implemented PayPal Recurring method. But what if, User comes in mid of month and upgrade/downgrade the Plan then how to maintain the recurring amount.

More explanation, User is Subscribed with Plan-A $200 on 16th Oct 2013. He Upgrade the to new Plan-C $400 on 26th Oct 2013. Now here, user have already paid $200 for 30Days and in between he upgrade to new one for $500 for next 30Days. So here The logic should implement is we should charge the user ($200/30)*10Days and ($500/30)*20Days. So on the subscription date the user should be change with the sum of __ and the new recurring amount should be $500 per month.

How to implement this logic in PayPal recurring payment gateway. because we have two different amounts. One is the time of Subscription Up-gradation (Calculated Amount) and the other would be the regular amount for recurring payment per month.

Looking forward to your solution.

Thanks in advance.


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