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In java my string reference variable contain the below value

String str=".NET CLR Memory~^1~^";

now I want to remove ~^1~^ from this. I use replaceAll method as below

String str2=str.replaceAll("~^1~^","");

but str2 still contain ~^1~^

can any body explain why this and how to remove this.

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Did you read API doc of String#replaceAll()? –  Ingo Oct 16 '13 at 12:01
replaceAll() expects a regular expression as first param, and ~ has a special meaning when it is in a regular expression. Unless you escape it using slashes. –  Nishan Oct 16 '13 at 12:10

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Use replace(), not replaceAll().

replaceAll() uses regex for its target, and your search term is an impossible to match regex.
replace() replaces (all occurrences of) plain text.

Do this:

String str2 = str.replace("~^1~^","");
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Note that String#replaceAll takes a regex and not a String. Solutions:

  1. You should escape the meta-characters. When you do so, the String will be treated as a String and not a Regex.

    Escaping character is done by writing \ before the Regex, but in Java, \ is represented as \\, so you should write:

    String str2=str.replaceAll("~\\^1~\\^","");

  2. Another solution is to use replace() that takes a String and you'll be fine.

  3. Last solution is using Pattern#quote that takes the Regex and uses it as a String.

    String str2=str.replaceAll(Pattern.quote("~^1~^"),"");

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you can try this one.

String str=".NET CLR Memory~^1~^";
String str2=str.replaceAll("~\\^1~\\^","");
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This will work for you. ~^1~^ not a String.

System.out.println(".NET CLR Memory~^1~^".replace("~^1~^",""));


System.out.println(".NET CLR Memory~^1~^".replaceAll("\\~\\^1\\~\\^",""));
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