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I'm trying to split my Play!Framework 2.2 project in subprojects and I have some hard time figuring it out.

Here's my folder structure :

 | - app/
 | --- controllers/ # containing some main controllers
 | --- views/ # resulting views
 | - build.sbt # see after
 | - conf/
 | --- application.conf
 | --- routes
 | --- modules/ # My modules folder, aka sub projects
 | -------- common/
 | ------------ app/
 | --------------- models/ # The models
 | --------------- utils/
 | -------- api/
 | -------- web/
 | ------------ app/ # some controllers/views
 | ------------ conf/ # routes mainly
 | ------------ app/ # some controllers/views
 | ------------ conf/ # routes mainly

(I simplified it).

The main routes file :

# Routes
# This file defines all application routes (Higher priority routes first)
# ~~~~

# Home page
GET     /                             controllers.StaticPages.index()

# Web
->  /html/v1 web.Routes

->  /api/v1  api.Routes

web.routes :

# HTML Engine renderer
# ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

GET   /users                controllers.Users.list()

api.routes :

# ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

GET   /users                controllers.Users.list()

And finally, my build.sbt

import play.Project._

name := "My project"

version := "1.0-alpha"

libraryDependencies ++= Seq(
  "mysql" % "mysql-connector-java" % "5.1.25",
  "com.typesafe" %% "play-plugins-mailer" % "2.2.0"


lazy val root = project.in(file("."))
    .dependsOn(common, web, api)
    .aggregate(common, web, api)

lazy val web = project.in(file("modules/web"))

lazy val api = project.in(file("modules/api"))

lazy val common = project.in(file("modules/common"))

When cleaning/compiling and running, I face this error :

not found: value web In /path/to/project/conf/routes at line 20. -> /html/v1 web.Routes

If I remove the -> in the main routes file, Play! cannot find the package utils in common.

So I guess common, web and api aren't loaded, but why ?

Thanks for your help !


Since @James-roper helped me found the problem, I created a Github repository that shows a simple Play!Framework 2.2 project with sub projects. You can find it here : https://github.com/cnicodeme/play2.2-subproject

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Your sub projects need to use different package names, at the moment they are conflicting.

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I tried with a really simple sub project, containing only a controllers.admin.Admin.class file, and the route mapping to the index() of the previous mentionned class, that only return a ok("good");. The package names are different, but still, I got the same error. – Cyril N. Oct 18 '13 at 9:03
Here you go : github.com/cnicodeme/play2.2-subproject – Cyril N. Oct 18 '13 at 9:06
In the sample project you've given me, you didn't declare a dependency between the admin project and the root project. I added this to it and it works fine for me: lazy val root = project.in(file(".")).aggregate(admin).dependsOn(admin) lazy val admin = project.in(file("admin")) – James Roper Oct 21 '13 at 4:33
I updated the github repo to show a simple splitted project in Play 2.2 for others that seeks help. – Cyril N. Nov 8 '13 at 12:50
Treat them as play projects, like adding app/controllers, app/models, app/views, conf/ in admin/ and it should work. (don't forget the build.sbt in each sub modules) – Cyril N. Feb 19 '14 at 10:48

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