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I have a question similar to camel-file-consumer-template-threads-remaining-alive. I have a webapp running in a Tomcat container. I am using Camel version 2.10.4. In it I have I use the File component as a polling consumer. It is set up as follows:


This runs fine as expected but when I attempt to stop Tomcat I get the following message:

SEVERE: The web application [/myapp] appears to have started a thread
     named [MyExecuteService-0] but has failed to stop it. This is very likely to
     create a memory leak.

After invoking the script I invoke ps -ef | grep tomcat and the process is still running. If my app is not loaded or if I do not load this route in my app tomcat stops properly.

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Same questions also posted on Apache Camel mailing list! – Claus Ibsen Oct 16 '13 at 14:29
Correct. Wasn't sure at which location I would get a faster response. I will post the solution to both places. – John B Oct 16 '13 at 14:31
A potential solution has been posted on nabble. Investigating... – John B Oct 16 '13 at 14:42

FYI, so the solution was posted on Nabble. This was that I needed to shutdown the executor service in Spring. I did this by adding a destory-method="shutdown" to the executor service.

FYI, I had set up the executor service this was so that I could have different thread names per route in a single context. Neither Spring nor Camel seems to provide this mechanism.

The Nabble thread is here

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