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I have a C++ Dll, which I can't modify and I need to use it with my C# code. So I created a C++/CLI class as my wrapper for the original C++ class.

There is a method with a int** argument and I don't know how to pass it to the C++/CLI code and then to the C# code.

Here is the definition of the native C++ method which returns the number of elements in the frame:

int Precursor::GetFrame(int **frame, int id)

Could you help me with this? Thanks

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When importing the C++ DLL you need to marshal the pointer-to-pointer int **frame as ref IntPtr ppFrame. Your CLI function will use IntPtr% frame.

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I have found another way in fact, I used the same definition for my C++/CLI method and in the C# method I created a temporary int* which I pass to the method and then I copied each value to a int[] which was passed by ref. – diditexas Oct 16 '13 at 14:32

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