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I'm implementing a blog with tags with some French characters. My question has to do with how to deal with spaces and unicode (utf-8) characters in the url.

let's say I have a tag called: ohlàlà! and I have the following code in my tag cloud:

<%= link_to h(tag.name.capitalize), { :controller => :blog, :action => :tag, :id => h(tag.name) }, :class => css_class %>

How do I deal with this issue?

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Edited my answer. It now references Unicode and permalinks. –  gimel Oct 13 '08 at 11:29

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See ToASCII and ToUnicode in this Wikipedia article. I hope the article has enough pointers to resolve your question.

Edit: Though it talks Python, Unicode and permalinks can give an idea about how to encode a solution to your question. To summarize:

Basically, the Unicode URL is encoded in UTF8 and each byte of the UTF8-encoded string is encoded using percent encoding. The browser apparently recognized this specific encoding scheme (which isn’t documented anywhere I could fine) and displays nice internationalized URLs for the user.

Sorry, I've no idea if Rails has a ready-made function to encode URLs this way.

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thank you gimel. Very informative but I still would like to get specific help on how to apply this in Rails. –  allesklar Oct 11 '08 at 13:49

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