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I have a partialview that opens a fancybox with the same model of the main view, so far so ok, the problem is to rescue a value that is in a hidden field on the form that are in this partialview fancybox. I can not even show alerts closing of fancy

        'type': 'iframe',
        'height': 600,
        'width': 600,
        'onCleanup': function(){
            x = $('#fancyframe').contents().find('#url').val();
        'onClosed': function() {
            x = $('#fancyframe').contents().find('#url').val();
        'onComplete': function () {
            x = $('#fancyframe').contents().find('#url').val();

call partial view

 @Html.ActionLink("REDIMENSIONAR", "CropImagem", "Noticia", new { Class = "fancyframe" })

this call opens a view as follows in the picture


what is missing is happening close the fancybox window and redeem the value of this hidden field. Or even take a recharged in partial view that called with the new model


return Content("<script>parent.$.fancybox.close();</script>");

put in the return of the cotroller fancybox, and the value I put in a hidden field in the default template

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Are you sure the id fancyframe is present? Should it be #fancybox-frame ? –  Manuel van Rijn Oct 16 '13 at 15:05
@ManuelvanRijn yes, it is because I can make it appear, his name is fancyframe, I caught him by the class. –  Benjamim Marcos De Castro JR Oct 16 '13 at 15:29
it must be @class –  Olrac Oct 17 '13 at 7:24

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