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I have container with fixed height and display: flex. I want it's children to be laid in a column-first manner by setting -webkit-flex-flow: column wrap;.

  1. Can anyone explain me how chrome calculates the resulting width of the container div (div with green border) and why is leaves so much free space on the right of each red item. What I want is to have the container to have width just to fit all children, without the additional empty space.

  2. If it's not possible with pure css can you provide me an alternative to achive this?

I'm using Chrome v 29.0.1547.76

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If you change the direction between row and column, you'll see that the width of the flex container does not change. This can't be done with pure CSS. Using columns is the next best thing, but it doesn't seem to give the effect you're looking for. – cimmanon Oct 17 '13 at 3:44

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You're missing a ; right

-webkit-flex-flow: column wrap;
justify-content: flex-start  /* <-- here */
align-content: flex-start;
align-items: flex-start

so your styles aren't read correctly, see

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You're right, but why the green div is still way to wide? – Mariusz Jamro Oct 17 '13 at 6:49
While this is true, it has nothing to do with the problem. – cimmanon Oct 17 '13 at 13:17

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