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I would like to ask you can I add knockout validation to a whole model, not to each property. I create a view model using this code:

    var UserViewModel = function() {
        return @Html.Raw(Json.Encode(Model.UserViewModel));

   var entry = ko.mapping.fromJS(new UserViewModel());

Now, can I extend this view model by adding validation rules ? For example:

entry.extend('propertyName', rules...)
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You can use the mapping plugin to create observables for you like

var UserViewModel = function(data) {
        ko.mapping(data, {}, this);

Then you can create validation dynamicly like

function addValidation(vm) {
   for(var index in vm) {
      var member = vm[index];
       if(ko.isObservable(member) && !ko.isComputed(member)) {
           member.extend({ required: true });

           if(typeof member() === "number") {
               member.extend({ number: true });


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