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I have a piece of code, adapted from this: http://jsbin.com/ifezoq/2/edit

Which I am trying to turn into a random product generator for a Magento store.

Basic functionality I want is:

  1. User chooses some basic attributes e.g. price range
  2. User then drags and spins a spinner div.
  3. Spinner spins for 2 seconds then fades out.
  4. An AJAX call loads a random result of a search with the chosen parameters

Here's my HTML (in a .phtml template file in Magento that renders on my homepage):

<div class="generator">
  <div class="target"></div>
<div class="ajaxContent"></div>

So .target can be grabbed with the mouse and .generator spins.

I've adapted the javascript form the fiddle to:

$(function() {
  var dragging = 0;
  var target     = $('.generator .target');
  var mainTarget = $('.generator');
  var elOfs = mainTarget.offset();
  var cent  = {X: mainTarget.width()/2, Y: mainTarget.height()/2};    
  var elPos = {X: elOfs.left, Y: elOfs.top};

  target.mousedown(function() {
    dragging = true;

   .mouseup(function() { dragging = 0; })
   .mousemove(function(e) {     
    if(dragging) {
      var mPos    = {X: e.pageX-elPos.X, Y: e.pageY-elPos.Y};
      var getAtan = Math.atan2(mPos.X-cent.X, mPos.Y-cent.Y);
      var getDeg  = -getAtan/(Math.PI/180) + 135; 
      mainTarget.css({transform: 'rotate(' + getDeg + 'deg)'});

        mainTarget.animate({  borderSpacing: -1080 }, {
          step: function(now,fx) {
          }, duration:2000


        setTimeout(function() {
            type: "get",
            url: '/catalogsearch/advanced/result/', // your uri to the moredata
            data: { 'price[from]':'20', 'price[to]':'30', 'gender':'4' },
            success: function(data) { // data is the response of the ajax call
          }); //ajax
        }, 3000); //setTimeout
      }); // mouseup
     } //if(dragging)

I've made a couple of hacky changes that were workarounds, but my main question is about the AJAX call. I have a feeling the problem lies in the code I don't understand!

For some reason the animate() of the spinning repeats indefinitely and I don't understand why, so I just fade it out when I'm done with it... I'm not totally convinced that the whole of my $(document).mouseup() function isn't running over and over.

When I made AJAX call a 'test.php' page with the following, it worked fine:

$gender = $_GET['gender'];

<div class="mystery-gift">
  <p><strong>Gender:</strong> <?php echo $gender ?></p>

Then I changed it to load the advanced search results page with query options. From my understanding, my code should run the AJAX and data should return the page at:


In Chrome it freezes the browser. In Firefox, I can see from the console that the above uri was queried, but it seems to have been queried about 50 times! The first time it has the response '200 OK' and returns with the full HTML of the page, but the rest of the requests just hang indefinitely.

My plan was to filter the search results HTML for the content I need, in this case one of the products, and just display the div/content I want using jQuery. Probably not the Magento recommended way of doing things, but I thought it'd get the job done.

I'm obviously doing something really stupid, I don't know what though, this is the first time I've used AJAX.

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