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I am using vim with the plugins YouCompleteMe and syntastic for autocompletion and syntax checking .

If I am editing C or C++ files, syntax errors are marked after two seconds of in inactivity. When editing MATLAB files, syntax checks (using mlint) are done only after I save the file.

I know that the interval of two seconds is regulated via updatetime, which means checks of C files are performed after the swap file updates.

How can I get the same behaviour for source files of other programming languages (especially for MATLAB)?

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The background checking of C-family languages is a product of YCM's syntastic intergration (see :h youcompleteme-syntastic-integration and :h g:ycm_register_as_syntastic_checker). I don't see an easy way to set YCM to do that with other file types or to set syntastic to auto-update.

You might be able to dig around in YCM's code to see how they do it, then either extend that to work with MATLAB files or write a small plugin.

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Thank you. Since I do not know anything about vim plugin scripting, I will probably not do this for now. But thank you for the information. – Tim Oct 18 '13 at 9:29

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