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I'm trying to use skrollr to work around the issues with CSS fixed background images in mobile browsers. I've built a stripped down version of my document schema with one background image and skrollr, here: http://lkoren.github.io/2013/10/16/skrollrTest.html

The file structure is

    <div class="doc-container" id="skrollr-body" >
        <div class="content-container" data-start="background-position: right 0px;" data-end="background-position: right 0px;">
            <div class = "info-box">
<Skrollr script goes here>

On my 2013 Nexus7 skrollr has no effect on Opera and Chrome. In FireFox it tends to cause a lot of sticking and stuttering.

In desktop FireFox and Chrome it works fine. I verified it's actually doing something by setting

data-end="background-position: right 500px;"

and getting the parallax effect.

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Move the background-image to an element outside of #skrollr-body (e.g. body) . Because skrollr translates the #skrollr-body using CSS transforms, which moves your background as well.

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Thanks for the pointers. I'm starting to dig into the source to understand things, but in the meantime I've been trying a few options. The one that gets closest is setting <div class = "info-box" id="skrollr-body"> and placing the header divs above the doc-container div. This creates two issues: 1) header elements get treated like they have had position: fixed set and 2) performance in firefox mobile is still really choppy (lots of long delays.) –  LiavK Oct 16 '13 at 20:50

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