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Can a fold be used here to convert from a List[JsObject] to JsArray?

    def getJsonArray(list: List[JsObject]): JsArray = {
        def go(l: List[JsObject], acc: JsArray) : JsArray = l match {
            case x :: xs => go(xs, acc ++ Json.arr(x))
            case Nil => acc
        go(list, JsArray())
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Yes, this should be roughly equivalent:

  def getJsonArray(list: List[JsObject]): JsArray = {
    list.foldLeft(JsArray())((acc, x) => acc ++ Json.arr(x))
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Thanks. Why did you pick foldLeft over foldRight? – Kevin Meredith Oct 16 '13 at 23:42
foldRight starts at the head of the list and builds up a giant function going to the end, and then applies that function which can lead to a stack overflow. foldLeft starts at the head of the list and applies your function, then goes to the next element so you don't have a giant built up function which can cause a stack overflow. For a better answer you can look here… – Noah Oct 17 '13 at 17:42
Why don't use (acc, x) => acc +: x? – lifeGoGoGo May 18 at 23:18
I think you mean acc :+ x and I just copied the supplied function from the question – Noah May 19 at 0:47

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