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I am trying to deploy my grails application on an openshift server. I have created an instance using command "rhc app create MyApp jbossews-2.0". When I ssh to the server, I see a jboss folder but no tomcat folder. How can I deploy my .war file onto the server?

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This provides an excellent resource on how to setup grails with open source: savillians.com/tech/2013/01/24/grails-on-openshift –  Welsh Oct 16 '13 at 21:01

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I think the Docs on how to deploy a binary file will help you with this, however what the docs do not say is that with Tomcat the deployments directory is called webapps but they work the same way (except for the marker files, tomcat does not use those).

You may want to check out https://github.com/gssOpenShiftsupportExamples/JavaSample as it shows an example of how to do this with JBoss (the same thing will work for Tomcat if you change the directory as denoted above).

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