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I'm using XML::LibXML, I'd like to add a comment such that the the comment is outside the tag. Is it even possible to put it outside the tag? I've tried appendChild, insertBefore | After, no difference ...

     <JJ>junk</JJ> <!--My comment Here!-->

     # Code excerpt from within a foreach loop:
     my $elem     = $dom->createElement("JJ");
     my $txt_node = $dom->createTextNode("junk");
     my $cmt      = $dom->createComment("My comment Here!");


    # but it puts the comment between the tags ...
    <JJ>junk<!--My comment Here!--></JJ>
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Don't append the comment node to $elem but to the parent node. For example, the following script

use XML::LibXML;

my $doc = XML::LibXML::Document->new;
my $root = $doc->createElement("doc");
print $doc->toString(1);


<?xml version="1.0"?>
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thanks again @nwellnhof ! –  CraigP Oct 16 '13 at 20:20

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