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Is it possible to change the sampling rate of the recorded wave file without using third-party software and websites , and in the js? If the recorder.js set the frequency of 44100

worker.postMessage ({
      command: 'init',
      config: {
        sampleRate: 44100
} ) ;

 is written with the same frequency , and if you reduce it to 22050 , the length of the file will be 2 times more recorded and will be slow to reproduce, while increasing the speed of playback , the recording will sound fine.Actually the question whether it is possible to change the sample rate already contain files and how to do it?

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The only way I found so far is a small resample library xaudio.js, part of the speex.js library. Works pretty nice. I use it to convert audio from native format to 8Khz Mono.

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Can you provide more details (like a code snippet) using xaudio.js? Also what sort of resampling algorithm does it have, how high quality are the results? –  nafg Oct 23 '14 at 7:21

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