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I have to do this problem but i havent been able to do it. Can someone tell me what i am doing wrong? thanks

For all book types with more than 5 published books, display the earliest publish dates for each book type

Ive got one table


bookcode - book_title - publisher_code - book_type - book_price - publish_date

This is what i have so far

SELECT book_type, publish_date
FROM book
WHERE top 1 publish_date
GROUP BY book_type and publish_date DESC
HAVING count(*) > 5;

Would appreciate if someone could help with this exercise.

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The query is much simpler than what you tried - the English description translates into SQL almost word-for-word:

,   MIN(publish_date) -- display the earliest publish dates
FROM book
GROUP BY book_type    -- for each book type
HAVING count(*) > 5   -- For all book types with more than 5 published books

You correctly identified the need to use the HAVING clause, but you missed the need for a MIN aggregate function. Leaving aside for the moment the syntax of your GROUP BY, you shouldn't have put publish_date there, because this would make all your groups have a single member.

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