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I'm working on a simple watchdog script that will run md5sum on some very large images uploaded to our FTP. Watchdog doesn't seem to have a IN_CLOSE_WRITE event which exists in pyinotify. I tried checking if the file is still open as a work around but that does not work. Does anyone know a workaround to getting close_write event from watchdog?

import sys
import time

from watchdog.events import FileSystemEventHandler
from watchdog.observers import Observer

path = sys.argv[1]

class MyEventHandler(FileSystemEventHandler):
    def on_modified(self, event):
        print "File uploaded"
        # Is file still uploading?
        f = open(event.src_path)
        if f.closed:
            print "....run md5 & email admin"

event_handler = MyEventHandler()
observer = Observer()
observer.schedule(event_handler, path, recursive=True)
    while True:
except KeyboardInterrupt:
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Apparently that's not really possible with watchdog. Since watchdog tries to be platform-independent, it only handles events that can be detected on all platforms. There is another question that is relevant: Python (Watchdog) - Waiting for file to be created correctly

Also there is a issue on github, which is closed (basically wontfix): https://github.com/gorakhargosh/watchdog/issues/184

So it seems that going with pyinotify is probably the best option.

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