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I am trying to split a string on . in C++ and then the first splitted string I need to pass into another method which accepts const char* key.. But everytime I do, I always get an exception -

Below is my code -

istringstream iss(key);
std::vector<std::string> tokens;
std::string token;
while (std::getline(iss, token, '.')) {
    if (!token.empty()) {

cout<<"First Splitted String: " <<tokens[0] << endl;
attr_map.upsert(tokens[0]); //this throws an exception

Below is the upsert method in AttributeMap.hh files -

bool upsert(const char* key);

And below is the exception I always get -

no matching function for call to AttributeMap::upsert(std::basic_string<char>&)

Is there anything I am missing?

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That's neither a crash, nor an exception. That's a compiler error. And you resolve it by appending .c_str() at the appropriate place, and by additionally reading the documentation. –  user529758 Oct 16 '13 at 20:10

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Use c_str() to get a pointer to a "null-terminated character array with data equivalent to those stored in the string" (quoting from the documentation).

attr_map.upsert(tokens[0].c_str()); //this won't throw an exception
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You should use string::c_str


You can check the reference for details on c_str() function.

You are getting the error because upsert function expects const char*, but you are passing std::string, type mismatch.

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