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In short, my team has a mobile site and an app in the appstore. We have added the meta tag to show the smart app banner. I saw it and everything worked as expected. Problem is, I just closed the banner and now it doesn't reappear. I did the same thing with the Ted.com smart app banner with the same results.

Currently, we're using the iPad with IOS7 and I have read all over that it is a cookie preventing the reappearance of the banner. I have cleared Safari's cache and cookies numerous times, made sure to close safari from memory, run safari in private mode, and I've even rebooted the iPad but those dismissed smart banners still don't reappear. Is there something I'm missing? Most of what I've read about the cookies seem to be specific to IOS6, is there a difference here with IOS7? Anyone have an idea as to how to make these dismissed smart app banners reappear?

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Just to note, I factory reset the iPad and the smart banners returned... That can't be the solution! There must be another, simple way. –  Gobo Oct 17 '13 at 15:11

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This issue is solely iOS 7. In iOS 6 all you had to do was clear the Safari cookies and history. Apple must have changed something in how they store if an app banner has been closed in iOS 6 vs iOS 7. Surprise!

The following steps are what I have determined gets the smart-app banner to appear again, confirmed on a device running iOS 7.0.4:

  1. Settings -> Safari -> Clear history
  2. Settings -> Safari -> Clear cookies and data
  3. Settings -> General -> Reset -> Reset Location & Privacy
  4. Settings -> General -> Reset -> Reset All Settings

Not the cleanest, but it gets the job done.

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The same applies to iOS 7.0 - It seems the 'Reset All Settings' is unavoidable, unfortunately. –  soupenvy Jan 30 at 16:00
Reset All Settings is the solution I used when I wrote the question, unfortunately, surely Apple will fix this nastiness... –  Gobo Mar 14 at 14:08
Reset All Settings is the answer to this until(if) Apple fixes this. –  Gobo Apr 14 at 16:32

Tap on Settings > General > Usage > wait for a while till the list of the apps appear... > Show all apps > Safari > Website Data > Remove All Website Data.

I've tried this on iOS 7 with iPhone 5s, and it will show the smart banner back.


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I just tested this on the iPad with iOS 7.1 and it did not work. I'll try to test with an iPhone. –  Gobo Mar 14 at 14:10
No luck for me on an iPhone with iOS 7.1. Smart app banner stays hidden even after "Remove All Website Data". –  gmcnaughton Mar 19 at 9:25

There is a way to reset the smart banner behaviour without resetting all preferences. It requires either jailbreaking your iDevice or using an iTunes backup editor such as iExplorer.

Jailbreak method

  1. Navigate to Safari application directory (e.g. using iFile):

/var/mobile/Applications/{Safari App ID}/Library/Webkit

(If you are using iFile, application names can be displayed along side the app id folder names. Enable Preferences -> File Manager -> Application Names)

  1. Delete or rename the file StoreBannerTracker.plist

Backup editor method

  1. Backup your iDevice using iTunes. (Probably best not to encrypt the backup)
  2. Use an iTunes backup editor such as iExplorer to delete StoreBannerTracker.plist. In iExplorer:
    • Browse Local iTunes Backups -> {Name of your iDevice} -> Backup Explorer -> AppDomain-com.apple.mobilesafari -> Library -> WebKit
    • Right-click StoreBannerTracker.plist and click Delete
  3. Restore the backup to your iDevice using iTunes

(Disclaimer: I haven't tried this method because I use iExplorer in demo mode, which doesn't allow changes.)

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Try clearing Safari Cookies and Data and it should reappear

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I noted above that I have tried clearing the cookies and data numerous times, it appears not to work on IOS7 and I've tried this on different IOS7 devies. –  Gobo Oct 18 '13 at 13:01
Oh that can be a problem. I have not tried this on iOS 7 device –  Batman Oct 19 '13 at 5:06
I tried this too and it does not work. Also tried closing the app and re-opening it, and also rebooting the entire device - neither works. I sent feedback on the Apple help page for Smart App Banners (developer.apple.com/library/ios/documentation/AppleApplications/…) but I don't know what else to do. –  Jon z Jan 24 at 22:21

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