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The application I am testing is a web based app. Is it possible to use Appium to test this? On their website it states "Appium is an open source test automation framework for use with native and hybrid mobile apps."

So I am unsure if this will work for my web app as it is not a native app or hybrid app.

Can someone enlighten me?


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If you are talking about Mobile web apps, yes you can use Appium for testing them

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Yes, I'm pretty sure you can, have a look here:

link to appium doc

Also, a related question here

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It is possible, here is example how to create instance for safari in Ruby:

capabilities = {

    :device => 'iPhone Simulator',
    :browserName => 'iOS',
    :version => '7.1',
    :platform => 'Mac',
    :app => 'safari'
  $mobile_browser = Selenium::WebDriver.for(
      :desired_capabilities =>capabilities,
      :url => "your_server/wd/hub")

before download appium and click launch to start appium server.

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Yes its possible from APPIUM to test both NATIVE and Hybrid Apps.

For windows machine download : Appium For Windows. For MAC machine download : Appium dmg file.

Windows need: Just Appium.exe + .apk file(android) + testing device + Android SDK installed.

MAC needs Appium DMG file + .app/.ipa file + testing device + XCODE (provisioning certificate) + ANT + ios-webkit-proxy-debug.

For Web apps, as there are pure browser based so, APPIUM works good on them also.

Good link for your reference: https://github.com/appium/appium/blob/master/docs/mobile-web.md Enjoy !!!

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