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I have a couple controls inside a wizard that is wrapped in an updatepanel. When I set the innerHTML on the label to province it sets it back to to State:

my dropdownlist I am calling my javascript function onchange="javascript:ValidateCountry();" this all works I can see if gets called it sets the value but when I run all the way the page resets the values back?

function ValidateCountry(sender, args) {

        var ddlGuestCountry = document.getElementById('<%= ui_ddl_GuestCountry.ClientID %>');
        var lblGuestState = document.getElementById('<%= ui_lbl_GuestState.ClientID %>');

        if (ddlGuestCountry.value != "USA") {
            lblGuestState.innerHTML = "Province:";

        else {
            lblGuestState.innerHTML = "State:";



Update: I commented out the update panel and the value is still getting reset back to State on the postback.

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Fixed it Forgot to change the autopostback to false on the dropdownlist.

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