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Does anyone know why the following code results the error: undefined method 'tar' for "riak-1.4.2":String

remote_file "/vagrant/usr/src/#{node.default['riak']['version'].tar.gz}" do
  source "#{node.default['riak']['url']}"
  mode 0755
  notifies :run, "bash[extract_riak]", :immediately

bash "extract_riak" do 
  code <<-EOH
    # Following is the line which causes the error.
    /bin/tar xzf /vagrant/usr/src/#{node.default['riak']['version']}.tar.gz -C /vagrant/usr/src/#{node.default['riak']['version']}
  notifies :run, "bash[make_riak]", :immediately
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This line is raising the error:

remote_file "/vagrant/usr/src/#{node.default['riak']['version'].tar.gz}"

The .tar.gz should be outside the brackets, like so:

remote_file "/vagrant/usr/src/#{node.default['riak']['version']}.tar.gz"

Everything between the brackets is executed as ruby code and the result takes it's place in the string. node.default['riak']['version'].tar.gz is a chain of function calls, including calling a non-existent tar and gz function at the end. These are part of the filename, and should go outside the brackets.

As a side note, you probably want to use node[:attribute] to get attributes, and only use node.default[:attribute] to set attributes.

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I recommend the ark cookbook as better choice for handling archives.

The following example recipe:

include_recipe "ark"

ark "riak" do
  url "http://s3.amazonaws.com/downloads.basho.com/riak/1.4/1.4.2/riak-1.4.2.tar.gz"
  version "1.4.2"

will install riak under the "/usr/local/riak-1.4.2" directory.

Finally, there is a riak cookbook available as well, which reportedly will also install from source.

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Instead of:


you want:

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I think you might have those the wrong way round? –  borntyping Oct 16 '13 at 20:51
If remote_file "/vagrant/usr/src/#{node.default['riak']['version'].tar.gz}" worked, then I don't see why my answer shouldn't work. However, I will say that I've no experience with Chef, I'm just hunting down what looks suspicious. –  Davidann Oct 16 '13 at 20:53

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