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Let's say I have a table in BigQuery containing 2 columns. The first column represents a name, and the second is a delimited list of values, of arbitrary length. Example:

Name | Scores
Bob  |10;20;20
Sue  |14;12;19;90
Joe  |30;15

I want to transform into columns where the first is the name, and the second is a single score value, like so:


Can this be done in BigQuery alone?

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Good news everyone! BigQuery can now SPLIT()!

Look at "find all two word phrases that appear in more than one row in a dataset".

There is no current way to split() a value in BigQuery to generate multiple rows from a string, but you could use a regular expression to look for the commas and find the first value. Then run a similar query to find the 2nd value, and so on. They can all be merged into only one query, using the pattern presented in the above example (UNION through commas).

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Nice - This is awesome! Are there any parameters to specify a range of elements to pull from the resulting array? –  David M Smith Jun 11 '14 at 20:55
I'm not sure I understand. Post new question? See stackoverflow.com/a/24172995/132438 –  Felipe Hoffa Jun 11 '14 at 21:51

If someone is still looking for an answer

select Name,split(Scores,';') as Score
from (
      # replace the inner custome select with your source table
      select *
      (select 'Bob' as Name ,'10;20;20' as Scores),
      (select 'Sue' as Name ,'14;12;19;90' as Scores),
      (select 'Joe' as Name ,'30;15' as Scores)
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