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Given a List of JsObject's, I'd like to convert it to a Map[String, JsValue], and then iterate through each map's key-value pair, making a JsObject per pair. Finally, I'd like to put all of these JsObject's into a List[JsObject].

Below is my attempt with a for expression.

def getObjMap(obj: JsObject): Option[Map[String, JsValue]] = obj match { 
   case JsObject(fields) => Some(fields.toMap)
   case _ => None

def createFields(x: (String, JsValue)): JsObject = Json.obj("n" -> x._1, 
                                                            "v" -> x._2)    
val objects: List[JsObject] = foo()

val res: List[JsObject] = for {
                            obj <- objects
                            map <- getObjMap(obj)
                            mapField <- map
                          } yield(createFields(mapField))

However, I'm getting a compile-time error on the mapField <- map line.

[error] ...\myApp\app\services\Test.scala:65: type mismatch; 
[error]  found   : scala.collection.immutable.Iterable[play.api.libs.
[error]  required: Option[?]
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I think the problem is coming from the fact that the for comprehension starts by working over a List, then ends up working over an Option (from getObjMap). The type of construct needs to remain constant across the whole for comprehension. Calling .toList on the result of the getObjMap call fixes this:

val res: List[JsObject] = for {
                            obj <- objects
                            map <- getObjMap(obj).toList
                            mapField <- map
                          } yield(createFields(mapField))
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Thanks, I'll try that out. On a side note, how does my code look? Is it idomatic or garbage? What could I do better? –  Kevin Meredith Oct 16 '13 at 23:41
I don't see anything wrong with it so far. –  Shadowlands Oct 16 '13 at 23:42
That worked, thanks, Shadowlands. I didn't include it, but I have my createFields(...) function contains a third field (l (lineNumber) ) where, for each obj in objects, I need to increment a lineNumber. Currently, I increment the lineNumber at the beginning of my getObjMap(...) method. How can I still use an incrementing lineNumber with the for expression? –  Kevin Meredith Oct 17 '13 at 1:20

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